Can You Wear A Hat With A Button Up

Can You Wear a Hat With a Button Up?

It’s a question that has stumped modern men all around the world: whether or not it’s okay to wear a hat with a button-up shirt. While fashionistas say it’s a definite don’t mix, a maturing fashion industry is beginning to embrace the boldness that comes from the combination of dressy and casual.

In the past, Yankees or ivy caps were commonly popularized by stars such as Frank Sinatra. This is a style of hat that was often accompanied with a fashionable dress-shirt. Fast forward to today, fedoras, trilbies and baseball caps have all become popular accessories that can be seen integrating into an outfit.

This trend has been spotted at higher fashion runways such as Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney and Commes des Garçons. Top fashion designers have all majorly endorsed the look of a hat with a button-up. It’s seen as part of the lure of the #menswear movement. Styles have begun to bedazzle with a wide variety of hat-styles paired with just the right kind of button-up.

Style blogs by the Independent Gentleman take the look off the runways and into the realm of modern day fashion. They suggest that wearing a hat with a button-up is a great way to add flexibility and texture to your look. Although the combination looks good, a potential pitfall is overdoing. Balance must be maintained, using the right amount of accessories.

Therefore, the hat must be chosen carefully and should not be too busy in style. A clean Fedora, trilby or baseball cap can all create a wonderful look, the hat should certainly match the casualness of the shirt. Dark blue jeans and a grey button-up would be too much with a straw hat, while it would be perfect with a trilby and loafers.

RJ Firchau, a renowned men’s stylist says, “GQ doesn’t always appeal to everyone – it’s important to find the right combination that suits your own personal style. But, don’t be afraid to experiment. Hats are fun and breaking up conventional rules can often lead to great and unpredictable style.”

In conclusion, when done well, a hat with a button-up can be striking, stylish and bold. Finding the perfect combination can feel tricky, but with the right tools and perspective, it can be both fun and rewarding. Balance your look, stay away from the extreme, and don’t hesitate to experiment. It’s time to break the shackles of the norm and move into a style that is all your own.

Selecting the Right Type of Hat

When it comes to wearing a hat with a button-up, selecting the right type of hat is key. Casual hats and dress hats should be kept separate, as this will keep any outfit in balance. For a casual look, a baseball cap, fedora, or trilby can work out nicely. For a dressier look, either a Panama hat or a boater hat can provide an equally elegant look. When choosing a hat, remember that it should be slightly dressier than the shirt, but it should also match with the shirt in color. And as always, pay attention to size and fit; a hat that fits well can be the difference between sloppy and stylish.

Pairing Accessories & Shoes

Accessories that correspond with the hat create another level of style. Adding a pocket square, sunglasses, and/or a watch can complete a look. It should also be remembered that the accessories should not overshadow the hat, but instead complement it. In terms of shoes, the choice should also depend on the look of the hat: loafers and sneakers for a casual look, brogues or Oxford shoes for something more dressy.

Knowing When to Go All Out

While finding the perfect combination of hat and button-up, there will be certain occasions where formal attire is far from necessary. If this is the case, a risk can be taken with a bolder combination of a hat with a button-up. Part of the appeal of this look comes from the unexpectedness and in these moments, the wrong combination can perfectly elevate an outfit.

Recognize Where and When To Wear It

It’s also important to remember where and when to wear this stylistic combination. Formal occasions such as a job interview are probably not the best place for experimenting with a hat and button-up. Natural influences such as the weather should also be taken into consideration. Heading to the beach with a wide brimmed Panama hat and a linen shirt is a great idea, but wearing the same combination in the middle of winter on a regular day may be too much.

Styling the Look

A major factor in successfully styling a hat and button-up together is paying attention to proportion. When selecting a hat, the good rule of thumb is to make sure that it’s always bigger than the collar of your shirt. Doing so will provide an effortless and elegant look. For an even sharper look, completely button up the shirt all the way until the top. These simple adjustment can make enormous differences in the overall look, while avoiding overpowering the hat.

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