Can You Wear A Hat With A Cardigan

Can you Wear a Hat with a Cardigan?

Have you ever wondered if it is acceptable to wear a hat with a cardigan? The way a cardigan is styled and the occasion you’re attending will usually dictate if you are able to pull off wearing a hat with it. A hat is a good way to finish off an outfit to give you a polished and chic look. You might just know when a hat feels right with your outfit, but there are some style tips to consider in order to make sure your look is appropriate.

Stick to Classic and Neutral

A hat with a cardigan should generally be classic in nature and neutral in color. A classic trilby hat, or fedora, will be suitable with a cardigan as long as you stick to neutral colors such as brown, black, beige and gray. These classic colors will go with almost any outfit without looking overly colorful or out of place. If you’re wearing a bold pattern or more vibrant colors, perhaps stick to a more plain hat to avoid clashing.

Choose the Right Hairdo

Your hairstyle will play a role in whether you can wear a hat with your cardigan or not. A sleek updo will work best, as you don’t want a crazy mop on top of a hat and make you look overly ‘done’. A more natural look will still give you this elegant look you’re going for.

Size Matters

Size of the hat and cardigan can also play a part in how stylish the whole look can be. A trilby style hat looks best as it is thought of as classic and timeless. You don’t want to go too wide with a brim, because then it can be too overpowering and not look quite as classic as hoped. The cardigan should be sized correctly – too big can ruin the whole look, because it can give the feeling of being drowned in fabric.

Where You Go Will Matter Too

Obviously, the context and occasion you’re dressing for will also play a role in the hat and cardigan combo. Wearing a cardigan with a hat to a wedding or other formal event won’t be looked too kindly on by many. People will expect more formal attire such as a dress. Going out to dinner with friends would be an acceptable place to wear a cardigan with a hat, as long as you stick to the style tips mentioned above.

Try it with a Belt

If you want to really pull off the look, then try belting a cardigan. This will help clinch in the waistline and give an overall more streamlined look. This will be especially flattering if you have an hourglass figure.The belt will also make sure the cardigan is not too big for your frame, thereby making you look more stylish.

Layer a T-Shirt Underneath

A great way to wear a cardigan with a hat is to layer a t-shirt underneath the sweater. It gives the look a more modern vibe and helps show off your waist more. Make sure the t-shirt isn’t too loud, again, neutrals are best. This is a great way to upgrade a look and give it some edge, whilst still being able to pull it off in a variety of contexts.

Keep the Color Scheme Simple

When styling a cardigan with a hat, the last thing you want to do is to wear too many clashing colors. Pick a color for the cardigan and hat that are within the same color palette, for example, grays and blacks. This will keep the whole outfit looking chic and stylish, without it looking too costumey.

Put Together Coordinated Outfits

If you want to take your look to the next level, pair the cardigan and hat with matching shoes, bags and other accessories. Again, stick to neutral colors and avoid going overboard with loud, flashy statement pieces. This will give the look a more complete and polished look, sporting a hat with a cardigan just screams chicness and effortlessness.

Break the Rules

There’s nothing better than going against the grain and making a rule-breaking statement. Of course, stick to some of the style tips mentioned previously, but don’t be shy to break some of the rules. Wear an oversized fedora and a bright patterned cardigan if you feel bold. Try something unexpected and who knows, you may just create a huge fashion trend.

Choose the Appropriate Fabric

When wearing a hat with a cardigan, choose the right fabric so that it doesn’t look too bulky when put together. Choose cardigans made of lightweight material such as cotton, linen or silk. These fabrics are light and breathable, meaning they won’t be too much when donned with a hat.

Combine Interests

If you’re looking to add an individual touch to your look, opt for a unique hat that combines two interests such as a baseball hat with a beanie. This will give your look a more ‘hipster’ vibe and be a great conversation starter.

Accessorize with a Hat and Cardigan

Hats and cardigans can be successfully combined in many different ways. Use your hat as an accessory to your cardigan by styling it with a great pair of shoes and sunglasses. This will give your outfit an overall more stylish look and create an impact, without going over the top.

Choose Wisely

When it comes to choosing a hat and cardigan combination, a great rule of thumb to go by is if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. Listen to your gut when it comes to what looks and feels right, that way you can’t go wrong. It’s all about developing your own personal style and trusting yourself.

Be Careful with Patterns

Patterns are all the rage lately, but when it comes to styling them with hats and cardigans, be mindful of choosing something subtle. A patterned cardigan can be great if toned down with complementary accessories such as a plain hat, handbag and boots. If you go too crazy it can easily ruin the whole look.

Try With Loose Fitting Cardigans

As mentioned previously, cardigans can often be too bulky when paired with hats. To help avoid this, look for cardigans that fall more loosely, especially around the waist. This will make sure it fits your figure without being lost in the fabric.

Pick the Right Size of Hat

Similarly, picking the right size of hat when it comes to styling with a cardigan is key. Avoid oversized hats or ones that have a wide brim. These will not look great with a cardigan and will be too overpowering.

Team Up with a Jacket Outfit

A great way to team up a hat and cardigan is to wear them together with a jacket. This will help the look carry from day to night and keep you warm at the same time. Wear over an all black outfit or a dress for a flattering evening look.


Cardigans and hats are a great combination to experiment with, but it is best to stick to the style tips mentioned above. It’s all about finding what looks best with your frame and styling it accordingly. A hat and cardigan can look great if done correctly. So don’t be afraid to experiment outside of the box, just make sure it looks appropriate for the occasion and flatters you as a person.

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