Do The Sas Soldiers Wear Watch Caps

Background Information

The SAS is an elite combat unit of the British Army, trained to the highest possible standards for covert operations behind enemy lines. This renowned regiment had its beginnings before the Second World War, when a small group of officers formed a top-secret reconnaissance unit in World War II. Since then, the SAS has served in numerous conflicts across the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan. The regiment has built a strong reputation as an elite force, capable of facing any kind of mission with confidence and professionalism.

What is a Watch Cap?

A watch cap, otherwise known as a knit cap or beanie, is a piece of headgear made from knitted or crocheted fabric. This cap is usually worn during cold weather, given its purpose is to keep the head and ears warm. It is commonly known that watch caps can be worn by anyone, regardless of their profession.

Do the SAS Soldiers Wear Watch Caps?

The answer to this question is yes, with some qualifications. SAS soldiers do indeed wear watch caps, but usually this is only for training purposes or in certain tactical situations. On operations, they typically wear a more functional headgear such as a boonie hat.
Because of the nature of their job, SAS soldiers often face extreme cold and have to be able to cope with sub-zero temperatures in various locations around the world. For this reason, they are issued with a variety of different headgear, which is suitable to fit all types of weather. This includes watch caps, which can be worn during training and in certain tactical situations.

Functionality of the Watch Cap

Watch caps are not just worn for their aesthetic value, but for their practicality. They are designed in such a way that they are able to keep the head and ears warm, while also protecting the face and neck from chilling winds. Furthermore, they provide some degree of protection from knocks and scrapes, and they are also popular among those who are outdoors in winter because of their additional insulation.

Benefits of Wearing a Watch Cap

There are several benefits to wearing a watch cap that SAS soldiers take into account. First, it helps to keep the head warm, which is beneficial in extremely cold conditions. It also provides some protection against wind chill, as the fabric is designed to keep the head and ears sheltered. Finally, the cap can offer some level of protection against minor knocks and scrapes, helping to avoid serious injuries.


Overall, SAS soldiers do indeed wear watch caps, however usually only during certain training expeditions and in certain tactical situations. While there are other types of headgear available, the watch cap offers both aesthetic and functional benefits, and is popular among SAS personnel for its ability to keep the head and ears warm.

SAS Standards and Values

The SAS is renowned for its high standards and values, which are instilled in its personnel during their intense training programme. All members of the SAS are expected to abide by the motto “Who Dares Wins”, which is a reminder of the regiment’s unwavering commitment to excellence. In addition to this, the SAS also focuses on the importance of loyalty to one’s comrades and commitment to the mission. Wearing watch caps during training and in certain tactical situations is just one way that SAS soldiers uphold these standards and values.

Watch Caps and Extreme Cold Weather

Given the fact that SAS soldiers often carry out operations in extreme cold weather, watch caps are especially advantageous in terms of keeping the head and ears warm. The tight-knit fiber of the cap offers insulation to the head, while its design also helps to keep the cold wind out. This makes watch caps essential items for SAS personnel who have to cope with sub-zero temperatures in various locations around the world.

Durability & Practicality Benefits

As well as providing warmth, watch caps also offer protection against minor knocks and scrapes as they are made with durable materials. Moreover, they are also lightweight and practical, meaning they can easily fit into a pocket or bag when not in use. The advantage of their practicality is that SAS soldiers can wear them in uncontrolled environments, with the knowledge that they can be easily stowed away when the mission is finished.

Psychological Aspect

Watch caps have a psychological aspect too, giving SAS soldiers the perception that they are better equipped and more confident. Wearing something as basic as a watch cap can have a significant effect on morale, encouraging the regiment to feel unyielding and ready for any mission. Furthermore, the shape of the cap allows SAS soldiers to appear more intimidating, which can be helpful when carrying out operations behind enemy lines.

SAS Style & Activity

The SAS is known for its smart and practical style of dress, which often involves layers of clothing and headgear, including, of course, watch caps. These caps can easily be added to any outfit, from full combat gear to casual clothes. Furthermore, they are also suitable for any type of activity, given their snug fit and the fact that they are lightweight. This versatility makes watch caps popular among SAS soldiers, due to their ability to fit in with any situation.

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