How Do I Know What Size Cowboy Hat I Wear

Know your hat size

Wearing a cowboy hat is more than just a fashion statement. It can be a symbol of history, adventure, and look stylish while making a statement. When selecting the right cowboy hat, you must know your hat size. Not only do you need to know your Head Size, but also your hat style and preference. You may find that one size fits all when it comes to cowboy hats, but a more specific size is ideal for the perfect look and fit.

Wearing the right sized hat will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident in your appearance. Knowing the right size can make the difference between being the talk of the town or just wearing a cowboy hat. A few easy steps and measurements will help you get started on selecting the perfect cowboy hat that will fit you perfectly.

Measure Your Head Size

The first step in determining what size cowboy hat you wear is accurately measuring your head size. By using a soft cloth tape measure, you must measure the circumference of your head about an inch above your eyebrows, and just above your ears. Be sure to keep the tape measure snug against your head. Also, take multiple measurements along your circumference as this may provide more accurate results.

There are also child sizes and detailed size charts are typically available on websites that sell cowboy hats. Sizes can range differently depending on the type of hat you are looking for. Cowboy hats also receive an additional measurement in an inch of the depth, which accounts for the crown height.

Know Your Style

Cowboy hats come in a variety of sizes and styles. Before measuring your head size, it is important to consider which fashion you are looking for. Different styles will affect the sizing, so make sure you know what you’re looking for when measuring your head size. Different factors when selecting the style include if you are looking for a more authentic look or fun style.

Material of the hat must be considered as this will also affect the sizing. For example, materials like straw hats are more flexible and can often be adjusted due to brim and crown material. Leather does not have this ability, so if you are looking for a specific style of leather, it is best to get as accurate measurement as possible.

Try On the Hat

It may be useful to try on a hat before making your purchase. Not all hats will have the same fit, so it’s important to test out different sizes and styles. It is important to use your measurements as a starting point when trying on hats. If the size range of hats you try on does not fit snugly around your head, you may freak into considering a custom-made hat.

Asking for further assistance with sizing is always a great idea. Cowboy hat salesmen typically have vast experience and hundreds of styles to try on. They can help with offering tips on what style looks and fits best. Try on different hats with the same size to determine the ideal fit. This will help you find the perfect fit and size for you.

Check The Fit

When the hat is on your head, check to see the fit of the hat. It should fit comfortably around the circumference, not too tight or too loose. In addition, there should be enough room in the hat for you to comfortably push it back and forward while still allowing the brim to stay in its original shape. The brim should also remain above your brow and provide good coverage.

The reason for proper fit is comfortable wear and prevention of further issues with fit down the line. If the fit is not quite right, it can become uncomfortable or cause a decrease in hat quality.

Summary of Tips

Wearing a cowboy hat that fits correctly is important for both comfort and style. Make sure to use the following tips when selecting the hat size that is perfect for you: take accurate measurements, consider what style you are looking for, try on different hats, and check the fit.

Additional Tips

When shopping for the perfect cowboy hat, be sure to take the following tips into consideration:

  • Choose materials and a style that suits your needs. A hat made from thick material, like leather, will last longer.
  • Consider the climate and temperature you will be wearing the hat in and choose a material accordingly.
  • Try on hats with different sizes and shapes. Every cowboy hat is designed differently and not all sizes will fit the same.
  • If the hat is too loose, it is typically recommended to adjust it slightly with leather taping or leave it to a professional.
  • Do not use adhesive or heat on straw or felt hats as this may shrink or deform the hat.

How to Modify a Cowboy Hat

If you already own a cowboy hat and need to adjust it to fit your head size, modifying it can be a great way to save on a purchase of a brand new hat. Modifying your existing hat can also allow for a better fit. You should bring the cowboy hat to a professional or tailor who can properly adjust the hat and make it fit you better.

You may need a professional to do this for a hat made from leather or other materials that are not able to be adjusted easily. Depending on what adjustments you need, a professional may be able to add padding or foam, restitch the brim and provide other options for modification.

Adding Accessories

You can also improve the fit of a cowboy hat by adding accessories. This could include a sweatband or a chin strap to make the hat fit better or more securely. These are useful but do not generally replace the need for a good fit in the first place. Various sizes of chin straps and sweatbands can be purchased to help with your fit.


In conclusion, knowing your hat size is important for finding the perfect fit. Be sure to take accurate measurements, consider what style you are looking for, and try on different hats to check the fit. If your hat is too loose, look into modifying your existing cowboy hat or adding accessories such as a chin strap or sweatband. With proper measurements and consideration, you can ensure you get the right size the first time.

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