How To Wear Newsboy Cap Teens

How to Wear Newsboy Cap for Teens

A newsboy cap worn in the right way can be an iconic component of a teen’s wardrobe. It can easily add a fun and stylish twist to any look. The newsboy cap is also extremely versatile, so its popularity remains high among teens. Whether you’re an experienced cap-wearer or have wondered what a newsboy cap is and how to wear one, this guide is here to help.

Shape and Material of the Cap

Newsboy caps typically come in two shapes: eight-panel caps and six-panel caps. The former has a slightly higher crown and the latter has a more rounded crown. They usually come in classic designs, like tweed, wool, cotton, or leather. Depending on the fabric’s thickness, it can be good for year-round fashion. Heavier fabrics are usually better for colder weather and lighter fabrics are best for warmer months.

How to Wear It

Wearing a newsboy cap can be easy, but there are a few tips to follow to get the best look. Firstly, when it comes to the style of the cap, choose something that is age-appropriate and fits the body type. Choose 8-panel caps for a formal look and 6-panel caps for a casual vibe. Secondly, pick the right size of the cap. It is best to measure the circumference of the head, allowing for a little bit of room to grow.

The overall fit should be tight and snug without being too tight. That means if you want the style to look good, make sure to buy the right size. Similarly, the brim should line up with the eyebrows and be pitched forward. It is also recommended to adjust the cap’s fit. For example, fold up the brim using your hands and you can also sew up the bill to taper it down.

When pairing it with outfits, play around with different materials and colors. Then, pick pieces that feel comfortable and relax easily with a newsboy cap. A bomber jacket or a plain t-shirt look great when paired with a newsboy cap, as well as a pair of skinny jeans or a loose-fitting pair of trousers. In addition, the newsboy cap can also be a great addition to any formal wear.

Accessorizing with the Cap

A newsboy cap has the power to make any outfit stylish. Many prefer to accessorize a newsboy cap because it adds more details to an ordinary look. Bringing in different colors or even patterned caps can switch up an outfit. When accessorizing, it is important to keep the overall look in mind. For example, if the outfit is made up of basics, then another neutral piece might be better. Or, if the look includes a bright-colored shirt, a colorful cap will make the look more interesting.


When it comes to taking care of a newsboy cap, it is important to consider the type of fabric. A cotton or a tweed cap can be easily cleaned using a dry sponge. But, if the cap is made from a leather material, traditional cleaning and memory maintenance products, such as leather conditioners and waterproofing sprays, will be necessary.

Hats with Personality

Hats can be a way for teens to express their identity. Newsboy caps are a great choice for those who want to add a bit of character to their everyday look. By wearing a newsboy cap, teens can easily express themselves and stand out in a crowd. The classic design and colors are also timeless, so the cap can be worn in any season.


Newsboy caps are quickly becoming a popular choice for teens who want something fashionable and trendy. With its classic design and comfortable fit, these caps can easily be dressed up or down. Whether for a casual day out or a formal outfit, a newsboy cap can help transform any look for teens.

Choosing the Right Accompaniments

Newsboy caps can look great when paired with different cuts or colors of clothing. For a casual look, try pairing a newsboy cap with a t-shirt and jeans. For a more formal look, choose a wool or cotton version and team it with a blazer and dress pants. Layering a bright-colored shirt underneath a patterned newsboy cap can also make a loud statement.

Mix and Match

Another way to make newsboy caps modern and unique is to mix and match. Teens should experiment with pairing bold colors with neutral shades and bright colors with muted tones to create a unique look. Adding some accessories, such as a tie or a scarf, can also pull the look together.

Team It with Jewelry

Jewelry, such as a chunky necklace or earrings, can really bring attention to the newsboy cap. To create an effortless look, teens can choose pieces that have subtle details and delicate designs. This can easily dress up a basic cap for a more sophisticated look.

Seasons and Trends

Newsboy caps can be worn throughout the year with subtle changes in styling for different seasons. In the warmer months, a lightweight cotton newsboy cap can easily keep hair out of the face while adding a small amount of style. For the colder months, heavier woolen caps can be worn to look stylish and stay warm.

In addition, the newsboy cap also follows the changing trends of each season. Each year, there are new designs and colors that are popular and teens can mix and match these styles to create their own unique look. This means that newsboy caps will continue to remain popular among teens.

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