What Can I Wear On My Vfw Hat

No matter what style of hat you have, or when you may wear it, being able to wear it with style and grace can make all the difference. Wearing a VFW hat comes with special meanings, and you should take the time to learn more about it. It can be worn as a form of respect to those involved in military service. This article will outline what to wear on a VFW hat, so that you are in stylish and respectful dress protocol.

The core of what to wear on a VFW hat is determined by the well preserved culture of the service. Different branches of military service have certain etiquette codes that one should adhere to when wearing the VFW hat. Generally, a military service member should wear a uniform when putting on a VFW hat. The same goes for civilians who wear the VFW hat. It is essential to maintain the integrity of the hat by wearing the appropriate dress.

The exterior of the VFW hat also contains a few basic rules. It is usually suggested that the hat be plain, without any embellishments. Embroidered logos, badges and metal pins also should not be added to the hat. The only exception to this are approved medals which are worn over the left breast pocket area. If wearing these official medals, it is appropriate to wear them on a VFW hat as well.

Though many organizations have established rules about what to wear on a VFW hat, it is just as important to have respect for the service. Many service members and civilians choose to do this by adhering to the motto of the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs: “Honoring those who served in the past, and helping those who serve today”. Wearing a VFW hat is often a symbol of deep gratitude and respect for those who served and continue to serve and should be handled with care. Regardless of the circumstance or outfit, respect for the military should be at the forefront of decisions when selecting what to wear on a VFW hat.

Age Appropriate

Age is also an important factor when wearing a VFW hat. Generally, VFW hats are worn by people over the age of 18. When worn properly, the hat is more likely to be seen as a sign of respect for veterans. For younger generations, wearing a VFW hat can be seen as more of a fashion statement, and may dilute the true purpose of the hat. Therefore, it is important for all to remember this, and to treat this article of clothing with respect.

Weather Considerations

After establishing the basics of what to wear on a VFW, the next question is; what should be worn in different types of weather? During colder times of the year, a warm hat or cap is appropriate to wear. During the mid-year season, gloves and a neck scarf, specifically in service colors, may be worn. In hot climates, it is best to avoid wearing the VFW hat in direct sunlight at all times, as excessive heat can cause damage to the hat.

Color Displays

Color displays are also popular when selecting what to wear on a VFW hat. Colors often reflect pride and courage, and can show respect for the service. The colors chosen should be those that display military service, such as military green and navy blue, and should not contain any other colors. Service ribbons or badges should also not be worn on a VFW hat, as this can dilute the respect associated with the hat.

Who Can Wear a VFW Hat?

Veterans of foreign wars, active military service members, and civilians can wear VFW hats. It is important to maintain the respect and integrity of the service when wear the VFW hat, and to make sure the hat is worn in a respectful manner. It is accepted for civilian members to wear a VFW hat in order to show support for veterans and the military. However, it is important to remember that this hat should not be taken lightly and only worn out of respect.


The outfit and accessories that are worn with a VFW hat is important to note. Generally, many wear a suit or jacket with the VFW. Light colored scarves, dress pants, and dress shoes are also appropriate. Women traditionally wear long dresses and skirts, while men wear slacks. For both, a service uniform is suggested when wearing the hat. During colder times of the year, long overcoats and fitted gloves are common. This dress shows respect for the service, and shows that the hat is being worn for the right reasons.

General Etiquette

Overall, proper etiquette is important to remember when selecting what to wear on a VFW hat. It is important to dress in a respectful manner; respect is what the hat is about. Inappropriate outfits could reflect poorly on the service, and could even be disrespectful. Therefore, it is best to adhere to the rules and regulations of the service when selecting what to wear on a VFW hat.

Ties and Belts

The optional accessory items associated with a VFW hat are usually ties and belts. Belts should always be buckled properly and correctly; usually, for men, the buckle should always be on the left side. Ties should be black, or in the service’s colors if applicable. It is also suggested to use a four-in-hand necktie, as this style of knot is considered the most classic. Lastly, there should always be a crisp collared shirt underneath to maintain a proper uniform.


Jewellery can also be worn when wearing the VFW hat. In general, keeping jewelry minimal is preferred; rings and earrings are the only accessory items suggested. As with clothing items, jewelry should be kept limited and respectful. Also, items made from gold or silver should not have any images of military branches or symbols, as this can be seen as disrespectful.

Headgear and Hats

Though the VFW hat is the key item to be worn, other headgear can also be worn. Caps, in the same style as the VFW hat, may be worn. These, however, should be removed when appropriate, such as during ceremonies or funerals. It is important to be respectful when selecting headgear, and to keep it in accordance to the dress code and regulations of the service.

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