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Tommy Cooper was a legendary comedian who was best known for his long, drawn-out jokes and wild card magic tricks. He always wore a signature fez on his head, which added to the whole comic element of his act. It has become an iconic part of his image and is still remembered and recognized today.
The style of the hat is an important part of the Cooper image. His fez was made of red felt, which gave it a unique, iconic look. It was also decorated with a gold tassel, which made it even more eye-catching. The fez was a type of flat-topped head-dress, with a wide brim and a circular top, made of red felt or velvet. Cooper always wore it with a black-and-white striped jacket, which added to the comic effect of his act.

History of the Fez Hat

The fez hat is part of history. It was originally introduced in the early 1800s, by Sultan Mahmud II of Turkey and is believed to have been based on the Greek hat called the ‘phryiannos’, which was commonly worn by ancient Greeks. The fez became very popular in the Middle East and North Africa, and it still is today. In the West, the fez became popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras when the upper classes would don a fez as part of a fashionable ensemble.
The fez gained widespread popularity when Winston Churchill began wearing it back in the 1930s. He was often seen wearing a red fez while making public appearances. After this, the fez became popular amongst the British working class and it was worn by the ‘Bankers’ and the ‘Cockneys’ of the time.
During the 1950s, the fez was popularised in the United Kingdom by the popular British comedian, Tommy Cooper. He became synonymous with the hat and it became part of his signature look.

Symbolism of the Fez Hat

The fez hat is more than just a fashion statement. It holds significant cultural meanings and it is believed to have had a long standing symbol of power, courage and honour. In some countries, it has even been used as a symbol of religious affiliation. It has also been used as a symbol of patriotism and loyalty.
The fez has been associated with a variety of activities. For example, the fez has been used within Freemasonry and the military as a badge of honour or rank. In addition, it has been used for club and society membership, as well as in schools and universities.
For many, wearing a fez is a way to pay homage to a certain era, people or culture. It is also used as a way to show solidarity and bond with other people. Tommy Cooper made the fez hat popular and it has become a timeless symbol of comedy, wit and entertainment.

Facts About Tommy Cooper’s Fez Hat

Tommy Cooper’s fez hat was made by the English company, Hicks & Sons. This company is famous for its hats and has been in business since 1872. The fez hat that Cooper wore was made of red felt, with an additional tassel on the top. It was designed to be slightly oversized, which added to the humour and comedy of Cooper’s performance.
The fez hat was so associated with Tommy Cooper that upon his death in 1984, a ‘Cooper Fez’ was even created in his honour. The Cooper Fez is a miniature version of the classic style that he sported and it continues to be sold in memorabilia shops in many areas in the United Kingdom.

Fashions and Trends

The Cooper Fez has become an iconic symbol of comedy. It has been featured in many movies and television shows and it has inspired a wide range of styles and trends. It has been seen on celebrities such as the late Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga. It has also been seen on the catwalks of fashion designers, such as Marc Jacobs and Chanel.
The fez has become a style that can be interpreted and reinvented in a variety of ways. For example, it is often worn as a cap or it can be added as a decorative element to many modern fashion looks. It can also be worn as a headband or as an accessory in many unique and elaborate costumes.


Tommy Cooper was one of the most iconic comedians in the United Kingdom. His signature look, with its iconic fez hat, is still remembered and recognized today. The style of the hat is a flat-topped head-dress, with a wide brim and a circular top, made of red felt or velvet. It has had a long-standing history and association with power, courage and honour. The Cooper Fez has become a timeless symbol of comedy, wit and entertainment. It has been seen on celebrities around the world and it has been interpreted and reinvented on the catwalks and in modern fashion looks.

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