What Hat Does Timothy Olyphant Wear In Justified

Timothy Olyphant is the star of the television show “Justified” which brings out the classic storm in the western roads of Kentucky. As the show’s main protagonist, Olyphant has been donning the look with a hat, and this has become as synonymous to his character as the script.

The hat that Timothy Olyphant wears in “Justified” is known as the Akubra Snowy River or more commonly known as the Outback Hat. This hat originated in Australia and is made using Australia double-felt wool. This hat is the embodiment of a rugged and tough look which perfectly matches the character of Raylan Givens in the show.

Olyphant’s look may be a bit atypical in comparison to other actor’s that represent the Old West, however, his hat carries the same attitude and strength which makes it befitting of the character. This hat helps to bring out the strong and brave qualities of Raylan Givens as he goes about his job and solves the mysteries of Harlan County.-

In addition to the hat adding character to the portrayal, it is also a pure fashion statement. This iconic hat is known to be part of the classic western staple and has been in countless movies and TV shows. It gives off an old-school impression that stands out amongst other hats.

The way in which Timothy Olyphant wears the hat also makes it unique. He has managed to make the hat look even more original and edgy each time he appears on the show. He always wears it in a slant on the top part of his head, which has become a part of the Raylan Givens complete look.

The hat itself is not the only important thing that Olyphant must manage when it comes to his style. He must also consider what type of clothing he is wearing along with the hat. These must also contribute to his look when he appears on screen. The clothing he wears must provided the right contrast for the hat, and must portray the classic western feel which his character is known for.

The Quality of the Hat

One of the important components of the hat is its quality. The akubra is made from the highest-grade wool with a resistant and solid build. On top of this, it has a wax finish that is meant to keep the rain from soaking it. This ensures that the hat looks great all the time and does not get damaged when it is out in harsh weather conditions.

The Akubra’s width and shape also help to make it look so good. This hat has been designed to last many years. It has a wide brim and can easily be shaped. This allows the wearer to create their own style that suits their identity and character.

Some people may also choose to customise their hats. This is a popular choice for people who want to add a bit of their own flair to the otherwise modest shape. People can add unique elements such as different coloured ribbons, feather shape patches, and other decorative items. All of this helps to give the hat a more unique and personalised look.

The Akubra hat is a timeless classic and has inspired many people to bring out their best look for “Justified”. Timothy Olyphant has managed to make the hat look even better with his slant on the top part of his head. This hat also provides the perfect contrast to the background of Harlan County, Kentucky in the show. The Akubra Snowy River hat is a great choice for anyone looking to add a bit of flair to their western look.

Tailoring of the Hat

The Akubra hat can be tailored to fit any size head perfectly. This ensures that the hat looks great even if the wearer has a big or small head. Not all hats can be tailored, so this is a great feature of the Akubra hat.

To get the hat tailored, one has to go to the original hat shop where the hat was purchased. The tailor will then measure the head and apply any adjustments to the hat so that it fits properly. This usually takes less than an hour, and the hat will then fit perfectly over the head and won’t slip off like other hats might.

The tailoring process can also help to improve the durability of the hat. The better the fit, the less the hat will rub or move around. This helps to keep the shape of the hat in place and also prevents the hat from getting damaged over time.

Once the tailoring process is complete, the hat will look just as good as the one Timothy Olyphant wears in “Justified”. The hat will have the same classic shape and the same rugged look that is so recognizable in the show. The Akubra Snowy River hat is an iconic piece of headwear that adds character and mystique to the wearer.

Extending the Life of the Hat

The Akubra hat is an investment piece that should be taken care of properly. In order to extend its life, one has to remember to clean it periodically. The wax-finish that the hat comes with helps to keep the hat clean, but it is still important to clean it properly once in a while.

The hat should be cleaned using a special cleaning cloth and mild soap. It is important to avoid abrasives such as lint and detergents, as this can damage the hat. Once the hat is cleaned, it should be left to dry in a warm place.

It is also important to store the hat properly when it is not being used. This will help to protect the hat from dust and other elements that can damage it. The hat should be stored in a cool, dry place and should be kept away from direct sunlight.

The Akubra Snowy River hat can last many years if it is properly cared for. Much like Timothy Olyphant, the wearer can make their own hat look unique and edgy and it will look just as good as the one worn in “Justified”. Taking the right steps to care for the hat will help to preserve its quality for years and years to come.

Accessorizing the Hat

The Akubra Snowy River hat is a complete look on its own, but it can be accessorized to make it look even better. The wearer can add their own flair and style to the hat with the help of accessories.

One great way to accessorize the hat is with a bandanna or handkerchief. This is one of the most iconic accessories and is used in many western movies. It helps to bring out the rugged look of a classic western hat. The bandanna can also be used to tie the hat in place, which is vital for a windy day.

Another way to accessorize the hat is with a brim guard. This can help to keep the brim of the hat in shape and can also add an extra bit of protection from rain. It can also be used to keep sweat away from the face during windy days.

The wearer may also choose to add pins to the brim of the hat. This can add a unique and personalised look to the hat, and can also be used to represent certain causes or beliefs. This is a great way to add a statement to the look and is very popular among hat enthusiasts.

The Akubra Snowy River hat is a timeless classic and is perfect for completing the western look. Whether one chooses to stick to the classic look or accessorize it to suit their own style, the hat will always look great. Timothy Olyphant has done a great job in making the hat look even better each time he appears on the show.


Timothy Olyphant’s hat in “Justified” has become iconic and is now associated with the classic western look. The hat he wears on the show is known as the Akubra Snowy River hat and is made from Australia double-felt wool. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring out the classic western look. The hat can be tailored to fit any size head, and it is important to take good care of it to extend its life. It can also be accessorized with items

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