What Hat Does Vera Stanhope Wear

Background Information

Vera Stanhope is a lead character featured in a British crime drama television series produced by ITV.The series premiered on ITV in 2011 and is written by author Ann Cleaves. Vera Stanhope appears as a fictional detective inspector and stars Brenda Blethyn in the lead role. Vera is known for her unconventional methods of investigation and is considered an eccentric person by her colleagues. She is rarely without her ‘famous’ hat.

Materials and Design

Vera Stanhope’s signature hat is a well-worn tweed fedora with a wide brim decorated with a wide navy blue ribbon. It is made of pre-washed herringbone tweed, and the feather offers a hat with built-in durability and a classic, timeless look. Manufactured in the UK using traditional methods, the hat features a stiff woolen brim and a thistle ornament on the side. The hat is often slightly askew, giving it a disheveled yet stylish look.

Cultural Significance

Stanhope’s hat has become a symbol of her free-spiritedness and her ability to go against the grain. Her hat serves as a visual representation of her intelligence and strength and has become a reminder of how precious freedom really is. It stands for a refusal to conform to society’s standards, and an unwillingness to be contained by them. The hat has quickly become a symbol for people who don’t play by the rules and strive to be their own person.

A History of the Fedora

The fedora is a hat style traditionally associated with men, but it has become increasingly popular among women in recent years. It was first invented in the late nineteenth century by a Hungarian hat maker and was initially designed for men. The fedora was originally meant to keep the sun out of the eyes of the wearer, but it quickly became popular with celebrities and icons of the time.

Modern Day Dress Code

In the modern day, fashion and dress codes have changed significantly. With the increase in casual trends and a decreasing emphasis on formal attire, the original purpose of the fedora is no longer as relevant. Nevertheless, the hat is still seen as a stylish accessory and a bold statement of self-expression. It has become a symbol for those who refuse to follow society’s rules and are determined to remain true to themselves.

Fashion Trend

Over the past few years, the fedora has become a popular accessory in the fashion world. The style is often associated with an alternative look and is seen as a rebellious accessory, often pairing with vintage clothing and unconventional hairstyles. The fedora is also often seen as a way to add an edgy and sophisticated touch to any ensemble.

Why is Vera Stanhope’s Hat Unique?

Vera Stanhope’s hat is unique because of its wide brim and blue ribbon. The wide brim offers an unconstructed look that is both timeless and modern. The blue ribbon, on the other hand, both serves to keep the hat secure on the head and adds a splash of color. This combination of the wide brim and the blue ribbon makes Vera’s hat a statement piece every time she wears it.

Vera Stanhope’s Hat: A Symbol of Strength and Freedom

Vera Stanhope’s hat serves as a reminder of her commitment to freedom and her refusal to be confined by society’s rules. It is a symbol of strength, intelligence, and independence. Her hat has become an inspiration to many who want to stay true to themselves and wear whatever makes them feel powerful.


Vera Stanhope’s hat is not just an accessory; it is a symbol of freedom and strength. The wide brim and blue ribbon create a timeless yet modern look that has become popular with celebrities and fashion lovers alike. It is a reminder that we should never compromise on what we believe in and that we can always strive to be our own person.

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