Who Wears Bucket Hats

Who Wears Bucket Hats?

Bucket hats are a popular headwear choice with both guys and girls. It is a type of wider brimmed, slouch hat offering protection from rain and sun and typically designed with an adjustable drawstring. In recent months, they have become increasingly prominent in the fashion world.

You will often spot celebrities wearing bucket hats, such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Chance the Rapper. These hats are favored by major street style stars such as fashion blogger Thalia, who wears her classic brown suede bucket hat both casual and dressy. They often come with Chinese characters to add flair to the design.

According to fashion experts, bucket hats are a nice and easy way to spruce up your street style. They are an easy throw-on-piece over a plain outfit, such as a denim-on-denim look. With such a variety of designs, styles and colors available, bucket hats allow fashion lovers to experiment with their looks. Interestingly, an Islamic rapper named 2BlueHipHop was inspired to design his own bucket hat line. He combines fashion trends with modesty, so there are more modest options for Muslim women who want to stay fashionable whilst following their beliefs.

Urban Outfitters also brought out its own series of bucket hats in collaboration with Huf. They designed special limited edition hats which have statements such as ‘have a nice day’ and ‘obey respect’. The hats are symbolic of the new wave millennials who take the 90s street style and mix it with current fashion trends.

In a recent survey conducted by the New York Fashion Council, it found that bucket hats are set to become the hottest street trend of 2019. Even though not all may agree, there no doubt that it has large market potential, with sports shops such as New Balance having been spotted selling the fashion piece in a variety of designs and colors.

The bucket hat has come a long way, as it originated from fishermen in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is frequently associated with outdoor activities such as fishing and camping. Despite this, it still looks very fashionable in the modern age

What do Fashionistas Think?

Fashionistas around the world are hailing the bucket hat as a great alternative to baseball caps. It is a versatile item, as you can wear it with a whole range of outfits. Similarly to baseball caps, bucket hats come in a range of fabrics, such as cotton, leather and faux-fur. This provides an edgy twist to a major streetwear item.

Fashion stylist and blogger, George Kotsiopoulos says that the bucket hats offer great protection from the sun. He adds that it is a great style item that can be worn to a range of occasions such as concerts, festivals and even to the beach. In addition, he says that it is an item that can be styled in numerous ways, depending on the individual.

Further fashion opinions come from fashion journalist Molly Fergus. She aims to provide re-imagined streetwear looks that can be worn and accepted everywhere. She developed her own bucket hat style of “fun, modern, and versatile”. This includes a variety of high fashion bucket hats, such as one made out of golden glitter fabric.

Overall, fashionistas are embracing bucket hats as they are proving to be a contemporary item. Through selecting the right fabrics, colors and designs, they can make them an indispensable item in one’s wardrobe.

Who Wears Bucket Hats?

Bucket hats are a unisex trend, so both males and females can enjoy wearing them. They are extremely diverse, as they can be suited to a range of occasions from the red carpet to the streets. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing this item recently, such as Rihanna who was seen wearing her black Nylon bucket hat when in Barbados. She later accepted the Fashion Icon Award at the 2017 CFDA Awards in a Show-Stoppin’ yellow ensemble, whilst wearing her very own yellow Rhi bucket hat.

Sports stars also often wear bucket hats, such as boxing sensation Anthony Joshua. He was seen wearing a black and white stripe one after his victory against Russia’s Alexander Povetkin at Wembley Stadium in 2018. For this special occasion, he topped his tracksuit with the urban streetwear item.

Due to their popularity, it is very likely that more and more people will partake and enjoy wearing a bucket hat this year. Thus, it is essential to own one that is both stylish and of good quality. Social media influencers are increasingly promoting these hats, creating an array of different styles that inspire their followers to accessorize with a bucket hat also.

Where to buy

You can buy bucket hats from a variety of online stores, such as streetwear focused shops, Amazon and eBay. You can also find some great trend pieces in vintage stores. Prices typically range from £10-20 depending on the store, brand and quality of the hat.

If you want to go for a luxury designer version, then you can find iconic designs from designer brands such as Dior and Gucci. However, these items can be very expensive. For instance, Gucci’s web stripe bucket hat is showcased with a hefty price tag of $590.

Alternatively, many streetwear brands are making affordable versions of the bucket hat such as Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and ASOS. Most of these stores have some great vintage designs that are perfectly on trend for this year.

Materials and Care

Bucket hats are typically made out of cotton, however, they are also made out of wool, fur, leather, and velour. It is important to make sure the material of the hat is waterproof. This will provide the best protection from both sun and rain.

Before purchasing a bucket hat, it is important to note that the size options may be a bit confusing. Brands typically offer one size fits all and a few other options, usually small, medium and large. The best way to determine the size for you is to measure the circumference of your head.

In terms of taking care of a bucket hat, it is best to spot clean it with a cloth or tissue after each wear. This will remove any dirt or sweat residue. It is important to note that fashion pieces made out of suede, leather or fur should not be spot cleaned. Instead, it is best to take them to the dry cleaners.


Bucket hats are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world and have already made their mark with a variety of people, including celebrities, fashion influencers, and sports stars. They are an ideal option of headwear for those who want to protect their face from the sun during summer or even the unpredictable rain during autumn and winter. In addition, bucket hats provide a fun and fresh street style item, as they come in a range of fabrics, styles and colors. The bucket hat trend is here to stay.

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